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Review Of OGFX Forex Broker That Is Best And Most Detailed 2023

Review Of OGFX Forex Broker That Is Best And Most Detailed 2023 

Describe OGFX

Online trading is offered by Ocean Global Markets, an Australian provider of financial services. The business was founded in 2009 and has its headquarters in Sydney. It initially focused on serving institutional clients, but has recently expanded its offerings to include retail clients as of 2017.


Since orders are routed directly to the international market as part of the execution technique used at OG, traders have quick access to servers that display prices from foreign liquidity providers. STP brokers typically compare liquidity providers and select the best price that is then provided to the customer.


The product line consists of over 50 currency pairings in forex with tight spreads, commodities with high leverage, metals, and international indices.

Review Of OGFX Forex Broker That Is Best And Most Detailed 2023

Additionally, OG Broker offers its clients first-rate customer service, market training, VIP treatment, and a wealth of resources to support continued success in addition to the technical aspects of trading. OG created educational tools and materials with a dedicated trading platform to help traders retain their expertise.


To ensure that the traders receive the best professional education and training, OG also partnered with the FXPLUS Trading Academy. To help investors from all around the world, experienced traders and industry experts from Australia and China founded FXPLUS. courses broken down by difficulty level, certificate courses with specialised expertise, and opportunities to earn DFP (Diploma if Financial Planning).


Broker: OGFX Minimum deposit: 1,000 US$ Leverage: 1:400 Regulator: ASIC Year: 2009 Platforms: MT4 HQ: Australia


OGFX Forex Broker Pros and Cons


  • Popular platform
  • Segregation of funds
  • Competitive spreads
  • Regulated



  • High Minimum deposit


Account Types

You can choose between two different types of trading accounts, allowing you to pick the trading conditions that are best for you. A risk-free account that has no obligations and enables traders to trade for up to 30 days can be opened by traders.


A Standard Account may be opened quickly and easily in just three steps. To trade, a payment of $1,000 USD is required. There are also multi-currency accounts available.


The Pro Account has a minimum deposit requirement of $50,000 and lower trading charges. The finest choice for active traders is this. In addition to the price, the traders will benefit from regular market outlooks and trading reports.

Clients must select the appropriate trading leverage and trading strategy while considering the potential of losing. OG offers a versatile leverage range between 1:100 and 1:2,000. Before starting a forex trade, the broker must deposit money. The client is shielded from any potential losses by doing this.


Two account kinds are included in the trading options, allowing traders to select the most advantageous trading conditions. The trader can begin with a risk-free account with no obligations for 30 days of use to join the largest financial market.


Opening a Standard Account only takes three simple steps. The minimum deposit to begin trading is $1,000, though accounts can be denominated in a variety of currencies.


The best feature for aggressive traders is the Pro Account, which offers cheaper trading costs with a minimum deposit of 50,000 dollars. The traders will appreciate trading reports and regular market outlooks in addition to the charges.


The client must utilise trading leverage wisely and establish a trading style while taking the risk of losses into account. OG provides a broad leverage range of 1:100 to 1:400. The initial margin is due and payable before beginning a transaction because, as a requirement for engaging in forex trading, the brokers use the deposit of funds to secure the client's liability for any losses that may be incurred.


Funding Methods

The customer can select from OG's three instant deposit methods, which include Alipay, Union Pay, and Electronic Fund Transfer. Withdrawals are handled through the website's application form, however the request must be submitted using the same payment method as the deposit.


Although there is no price for the usual withdrawal, banks frequently refer to transfer charge fees that can be subtracted from the amount, which the OG firm cannot guarantee.


Trading Platforms

Many traders utilise the cutting-edge MetaTrader4 platform for the Forex, Metals, and Futures markets. Due to its comprehensive set of capabilities that are necessary for performing possibly profitable trading, MT4 is the preferred option. Additionally, MT4 has desktop and mobile versions and works with practically every device.


Along with navigation and financial instrument charts in the Terminal window, Metatrader offers 30 built-in technical indicators that enable a broad study of quotes. The MT4 is also renowned for its extensive automatic trading capability, which is driven by the EAs (Expert Advisors). The OG does not restrict the use of EAs; traders are free to create their own, employ ones they find on the market, or automate trading strategies. Since the market offers a very advanced variety to choose from, robot trading can be done without the need for a developer.


The OG improved the mobile version of MT4 to offer the fastest and most trustworthy way to track and trade the market. Because the application works on both Android and iOS devices, traders may benefit on the go just like they can on computers.